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General Provisions

The tariff is applied by Polferries, Polish Baltic Shipping Co. rendering services contained within this tariff. The tariff refers to the cargo shipment by the ferry between ports Świnoujście - Ystad and v.v. and ticket for the Öresund bridge. Using the ferry line Świnoujście-Ystad the General Conditions of Carriage of Cargo and Freight Tariff are applicable. 

On behalf of Polferries, the Shipowners, their Agents are authorized to adhere terms and conditions provided in the tariff. 

Tariff for mobile cargo (Cargo Ticket)

The rates apply as on the Świnoujście-Ystad line. Øresund Bridge surcharges will be added to the freight. The amount of surcharges may change during the “Freight Agreement” depending on the current prices for the passage of the Øresund Bridge published by the bridge administrator.

Current rates from 01.01.2024
Vehicles up to 9 meters length – surcharge EUR 37,80 / per vehicle
Vehicles over 9 meters length – surcharge EUR 75,80 / per vehicle

The above rates apply to vehicles with the following parameters: length up to 30m, width up to 3,5m, total weight up to 100 tons. Conditions of carriage of oversized vehicles are available at: www.oresundsbron.com/business/truck/special-transport

Kontakt - Cargo 

Kontakt i Sverige

Polferries Cargo Office - Nynashamn:

Skyttens Hälls Väg 10,
149 30 Nynäshamn

Mån - Fre: 09:00–18:00
Lör: 11:00 – 18:00
Sön: 11:00 – 14:00 (Hög säsong till 18:00)

Polferries Cargo Office - Ystad:

Bornholmsgatan 8D,
271 39 Ystad

Mån-Fre: 8:00-23:00
Lör-Sön: 8:00-14:00 och 19:30-23:00

Kontakt i Polen

Polferries Cargo Office - Gdańsk:

ul. Mjr. Sucharskiego 70,
80-601 Gdańsk

Mån — Fre: 8:00-17:45
Lördag: 9:30-17:45
Söndag: 9:30-14:45

Polferries Cargo Office - Świnoujście:

ul. Fińska 7,
72-606 Świnoujście

varje dag: 8:00-23:00